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High Pressure Misting Systems and Outdoor Misters in Phoenix, AZ

Pressure Systems – MistAir is a third-generation family business serving Arizona and the Southwest for more than fifty years with our outdoor cooling and misting systems.  We manufacture the Ice Cube, install and provide services to repair and maintain pumps, motors, mist lines, and nozzles for misting systems. The Ice Cube is our exclusive cooling system. Our engineers have designed the very best misting system available with stainless steel pipes, ceramic nozzles, and a warranty to guarantee our work and products. We have thousands of satisfied residential, commercial, and government customers. If you are considering misting for health reasons or for cooling – don’t settle for less than the finest.

Installing a MistAir Cooling System
Anytime Of The Year

Health Benefits 
Arizona, and especially the Phoenix and Tucson areas, have a humidity rating of approximately 14%. Normal healthy humidity for humans, pets, and livestock should be close to 40%.

Misting helps to prevent upper respiratory illness by eliminating airborne pollutants. Such illnesses include: pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, and even Valley Fever. This is especially important for the elderly (reduced immunity) and children with asthma or just starting school, therefore more exposed to respiratory infections.

Backyard Availability
If you plan to use your backyard throughout the year, not just seasonal months when the temperature rises (for entertaining, children’s play areas, pool, spas, and providing healthy moisture for plants), then installation and maintenance can begin at any time of the year. MistAir is the choice of many landscapers, contractor’s, and pool companies.

Ordering during the “off season” means faster service and installation, plus a 10% discount from November 1 to March 1. Our crews are scheduled nonstop during the summer months, so don’t delay – order your new misting system now.

Adequate moisture is critical for growing plants. For most plants, too much water is more dangerous than not enough. This is why misting is just as important as watering. The key is to learn which plants require more leaf moisture (usually broad-leaf plants) and then how to gauge soil moisture effectively. We have provided misting for both commercial and backyard greenhouses, and work with professional landscapers in three states.

As the number one misting company in the Southwest, MistAir has installed misting for Bashas, Harkin Theaters, Retirement Homes, Dunkin Donuts, the Elephant Bar, Cracker Barrel Restaurants, Horse Arenas and Stables, Commercial Greenhouses, Kennels and Pet Shelters, and many more. Businesses continue to operate year-round.

Improves Home Value
If you are exploring ways to improve your home value, installing misting on the patio, near the pool, or in the landscaping has proven to be an inexpensive method to add value. These installations can be any time of the year.

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