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Patio Misting Systems in Phoenix by MistAir Our outdoor lifestyle is an expression of living in the Southwest. Most of us in Arizona value our backyard life – barbecuing on the patio, enjoying the pool, and entertaining friends and family.

Central and Southern Arizona are considered desert climates. The unique and defining characteristic of a desert is the hot, dry summer temperatures. Deserts have very little annual rainfall – usually less than 10 inches. Then because there is a lack of moisture in the air to hold the heat accumulated during the hot days, the desert nights tend to be very cold. The extreme temperature fluctuations and the lack of water make the desert environment a very harsh one in which to live.

 Our bodies function best when the humidity level registers around 40%. Central and Southern Arizona average about 14%, while Yuma has the least humidity in the air of any city in the U.S. – sometimes only 3%. This can result in a long list of respiratory illnesses or heat exhaustion.
  First and foremost, water is essential to control body temperatures and for hydration. During the summer months, we hear that drinking water all day is essential. This is true. However, the air we breathe also must contain adequate moisture for normal respiratory functions. This too is crucial to our health.



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    Patio misting delivers this vital extra humidity that our bodies require to enjoy the outdoors in Arizona. Let us turn your backyard into a healthy and happy place to live. Call us today for your patio misting quote.

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