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Misting System Parts & Pumps

If you want your misting equipment to be engineered to work smarter, not harder then you’ve come to the right place. Our pumps work for maximum efficiency. The reason we focus on our pumps is that we want to make sure our customers receive reliability, longevity, and the right equipment for their investment. How smoothly water goes through your pumping system will dramatically affect its performance and longevity.  The less turbulence in your system, the better. MistAir has engineered a “total pump system” for residential, commercial, government, retail, and schools. Parts that we normally stock include: pumps, motors (electric, gas, or diesel), hoses, fittings, feedlines, wands, nozzles, and two choices of remote controls.

Mistair AZ Phoenix Warehouse Stocks Inventory 

Misting System parts are not always easy to find. MistAir has the largest inventory in stock of misting parts, pumps, motors, and mist lines anywhere in Arizona. We provide high pressure washers, service, and chemicals/solutions for various cleaning projects.

Our best cleaning chemical is Insight, it is biodegradable non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and FDA-approved. We sell it in a concentrated formula that can be diluted with water up to 20 to 1. It is an excellent product to use in a school environment.  

Convenient Misting Parts Shop in Phoenix 

If you need a misting system part or need something fixed, please stop by our centrally located shop in Phoenix (Washington and 16th Street) or call us. We have many items in stock, and if not, our staff is ready to order it or help you!



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