Press Release: Remote Control for Outdoor Cooling Systems

Phoenix, AZ, April 5, 2017: Pressure Systems – MistAir now has available two remote control options for their very popular high-pressure misting systems. These options give the user the ability to remotely control their misters from inside their residence or remotely from a cell phone. Multiple zone controls are available and can be used for patios, pools, BBQ’s children play areas, stables, and other locations where electrical devices require switched power management. 

These options allow users more flexibility and control over their residential, business, or industrial environments. For home owners, backyards and patios can be pre-cooled prior to guest arrivals. For businesses, different zones maybe required at different times of the day – depending upon the location of the sun. Horses and livestock barns/housing can be regulated for a healthy environment with temperature-control and insect abatement.


Android Setup Instructions

Contact Information

Byron Whartnaby
Director of Marketing
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Chris Sommers
Vice President
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1630 East Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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