You don’t have to let the mosquitoes ruin your Arizona Experience!

Mosquito Misting Systems for Outdoor Mosquito Control Must Be Part of Your Arizona Lifestyle

There are certain things that are just inseparable from life in Arizona. Sunshine, sunscreen, cactus and golf courses. Mountains, desert and swimming pools. Outdoor restaurants, beautiful patios and mosquitoes.

Wait. Mosquitoes? In the desert?


Arizona Mosquitoes: More Than a Nuisance!

Most people associate mosquitoes with swamps or marshes, but the fact is that they can be found in almost any climate. The lawns and gardens that people create to make the desert more pleasant appeal to insects, too. Mosquitoes, bees, wasps and flies are all  found living in our comfortable urban Arizonan landscapes.

The Southwest is home to both Culex and Aedesmosquitoes. Culex mosquitoes can transmit encephalitis and West Nile virus. The Aedes mosquito may harbor dengue fever and chikungunya, both serious illnesses. It is also capable of spreading the Zika virus.

Not all mosquitoes actually carry diseases. The problem is that when a mosquito that is capable of spreading an illness bites an infected person, it picks up the virus. After that, it can transmit the disease to its next victim. Arizona, California and Nevada are all travel hubs, making it possible that a local mosquito will encounter a new disease. There is another thing to consider, though. Not all mosquitoes are created equal.

According to an NPR interview with entomologist Marten Edwards, the Aedes mosquito enjoys city life as much as we do. Marten explained that this particular mosquito’s biology makes it capable of carrying a wider range of diseases than most. More importantly, this insect does not get its meal in a single session. Instead, it takes tiny sips from many victims, exposing each person to any virus it might carry. This combination of more viruses and more victims makes the Aedes mosquito especially dangerous.

The Centers for Disease and Prevention says that the best way to avoid mosquito-borne illnesses is to avoid mosquito bites. They recommend that people use insect repellent and wear long-sleeved shirts. Property owners should keep outdoor areas clear of standing water where mosquitoes can breed. Insect spray is also recommended.

While a simple can of aerosol insecticide may be enough to protect a small back yard, larger homes and commercial settings need something that provides better coverage. Mosquito spray systems are one way to solve the problem.

Mosquito Systems Combine Protection and Convenience


Misting systems are based on a simple principle. When water is pushed through a nozzle under pressure, it breaks into droplets. The smaller the nozzle, and the greater the force, the smaller the droplets will be. MistAir systems use a high-pressure pump to create a fine mist that distributes moisture and cools the air.

Our outdoor mosquito control system use the same technology, with the addition of a pesticide that keeps mosquitoes, flies and other insects away from your property. The result is a more enjoyable experience for residents and guests.

Why MistAir Is The Only Name You Need

Pressure Systems – MistAir is a third-generation family business serving Arizona and the Southwest for more than fifty years with our outdoor cooling and misting systems.  We were the first company to introduce outdoor cooling to Arizona, and we are still the industry leader.

Our engineers have designed the very best misting system available with stainless steel pipes, ceramic nozzles, the Ice Cube motor, and a warranty to guarantee our work and products. Only Mist Air sells the requisite chemicals to dispel mosquitoes and other insects, and a remote control and timer for specialized system processing.

We have thousands of satisfied residential, commercial, and government customers. If you are considering misting for health and respiratory reasons, for cooling in the hot summers, or for protection from insects – don’t settle for less than the finest. Contact MistAir for your FREE in home consultation!