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Egg production barns can house up to 125,000 hens producing millions of eggs every month. Warner barn temperatures result in hens eating less and producing fewer eggs. It can also result in bird mortality – costing a farm significant revenue loss.

Previously, this barn relied on air flow alone to control temperatures, which is not always adequate when the outside temp reached 1150 F or above in the summer months. A 1,000 PSI high pressure fogging system was installed to reduce the temperature of the incoming air. At this pressure, water droplet size is 5 microns which will flash evaporate and reduce air temperatures – in this case by 200 F. With a 1250 PSI high pressure system pump, Mist Air’s outdoor cooling can reduce the temperature by 30%.

Excessive summer heat in Arizona demands misting to lower the immediate temperatures for all animals. Chickens die easily in temperatures above 100 degrees. Misting can lower the temperatures by 20 to 30 degrees. However, it is essential that a commercial misting system be installed correctly. A slightly damp floor or ground is cool and refreshing, but a sopping wet swamp breeds disease and attracts pests. A hot chicken will likely have a decreased appetite and then a lower egg production. Reduced food intake also leads to calcium loss which could negatively affect eggshell quality. Again, misting is the most efficient way to prevent chickens from overheating.

Odor suppression is another benefit of a quality misting system. For the past 20 years, PSI-MistAir has been installing odor reduction misting systems for chickens in Arizona.





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Poultry heat stress has severe economic impact on egg producing facilities. High heat results in lower resistance to disease, increased metabolic disorders, productivity loss and increased bird mortality. Additionally heat also increases egg production facility odor.

Once misting is installed in a barn or coop temperatures are controlled, laying production will increase and bird mortality due to severe heat is almost non-existent. Preventing heat stress is much easier than treating it. All egg production facilities and backyard farmers need a plan to help your birds during the long, hot, dusty summers in Arizona.


Only by installing the correct high pressure misting system can egg production facilities reduce both the temperature and the odor.


  • Reduces heat-related bird loss from thousands to zero
  • Increases egg production and egg size
  • Improves cleanliness
  • Suppresses dust, dirt and odor

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