Things to Consider When Choosing a Misting System for Groceries

When looking for outdoor misting systems, you should understand that the outdoor environment is largely different from the indoors. It is exposed to the extremities of nature, be it the direct sunlight, moisture, rain, or humidity. The outdoor units must be designed to withstand these weather conditions. Make your investment wisely after assessing the features and properties of the best misting systems available in the market. If you are looking to find a misting system for groceries, you should check the specifications of products as mentioned here:

Find a Corrosion-Resistant System:

The groceries in a store should be stored at a proper temperature to keep them odor-free and fresh in appearance. Therefore, you should provide them a quality misting system that can resist corrosion caused due to humidity. Preferably, opt for the systems made from high-grade stainless steel. Unlike the brass or steel products, they do not rust and aren’t prone to corrosion. Water from the nozzles of misting system helps in keeping the product fresh and crisp.




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Look for a Low-Pressure System:

When choosing a misting system for groceries, you should check the pressure settings used by this system. In the product section of the grocery stores, it is necessary that a mist system produces water to keep the products wet. Hence, you need a low-pressure misting system instead of a high-pressure system for such installations.

Misting System with Timer:

A poor misting can cause the groceries to dehydrate and excessive misting can result in their rotting.  Since it is crucial to maintaining the temperature of groceries according to their needs, you should look for a system enabled with system timer that can be set according to the product type. This helps in avoiding the over misting or under misting of the system.

Look for the Warranties:

When investing in a misting system for groceries, you should look for the warranties offered by the supplier. It serves as a guarantee of the product for specific applications like keeping the products fresh in a grocery store.

These are some of the factors to be kept in mind when buying misting systems that are fit for a grocery store.