Why Arizona Restaurants Need Misting

Arizona is a unique state with unusual climate conditions. In the summers, we have Haboob storms that bring dust, dirt, and a soil-dwelling desert fungus that causes Valley Fever – a very serious respiratory illness. To combat this dry, dusty, and unhealthy desert environment and to improve the air we breathe, Pressure Systems – MistAir introduced to our state the concept of outdoor cooling/misting systems about 30 years ago.

As Governor Doug Ducey wrote in July 2016 for the 10th anniversary of CNBC’s America’s top States for Business series, “Arizona has slashed red tape to embrace a new economy and to improve working conditions for all categories of businesses.” In fact, by 2017 Arizona’s economy had opened more new restaurants than any other state in the U.S. Of course, three-hundred days of sunshine per year certainly helps, but it’s not just the beautiful weather and panoramic mountain views that convince companies to relocate (and new restaurants to open).  It’s a combination of Arizona’s top-shelf quality of life and the pro-growth environment we’ve fostered over the past few years.” (Article on Arizona’s Economic Growth written by Governor Doug Ducey)

PSI-MistAir has also shown a steady growth pattern, with income increased by 23% over the previous year.  This is primarily due to the number of homeowners, businesses and restaurants that have installed our outdoor cooling systems. Misting lowers the temperatures by 20 to 30 degrees, improves the cleanliness of the outdoor area by eliminating dust, dirt, and even insects, and last, but not least, improves the moisture content of the dry, desert air which in turn makes breathing easier.  This is especially important for the elderly with reduced respiratory immunity functions, and children with asthma or allergies.

Restaurant Patio Misting by MistAir for Oregano's Restaurant

outdoor restaurant misting

For Arizona restaurants, having outdoor misting means more customers, and more income. It means using all your restaurant space – all year. Let’s face it; no customer would really want to eat at a restaurant that has a hot patio or insects flying around.  The PSI-MistAir system uses only industrial-grade professional products – not like other misting systems. This means that our nozzles do not drip and wet your customers, your food, or your tables and chairs.  It also means improved vaporization and a more consistent cooling process with a pump/motor that is warranted for six years and misting lines with a life-time warranty. We have a very long list of satisfied restaurant customers including Oregano’s, Cracker Barrel, and most of the major hotels and golf clubs in the Phoenix area.

Most of us want a pleasant dining experience, to get away from the 100 degree plus temperatures, and to enjoy an excellent meal. Someone who walks by a restaurant that has a cool mist all around the front door and patio will instantly be drawn to that restaurant.  Installing an outdoor cooling system in Arizona is an essential part of the restaurant experience for your customers.