Reasons to Invest in a High-Pressure Misting System

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In June 2016, scalding heat killed at least four people in Arizona and was stoking at least five major wildfires. (NBC News, June 19, 2016). When temperatures soar into the triple digits, excessive heat warnings are widespread.  With global warming experts telling us that Arizona’s summers will be hotter than before, air conditioning units and utility companies are working over-time – so are outdoor cooling systems.

Installing a misting system, aka outdoor cooling system, has proved to be the perfect solution for those who want to keep their patios and pools usable and cool in the triple-digit Arizona hot, dry summer months. Among the various types of misting systems, the high-pressure units are the best due to the plethora of benefits they provide.


High-Quality Mist Makes a Difference

While the low-pressure cooling systems operate with pumps at 60 psi, the high-pressure systems – such as the Ice Cube manufactured by Pressure Systems – Mist Air operate at up to 2200 psi.  This motor/pump is the key to long-term reliability and performance. 


The extreme heat absorbs the super-fine droplets which are forced out of the ceramic nozzles. This action causes the hot air to rise and then cool air to precipitate. The droplets vaporize, producing a gush of cold, soothing air.

Zero Residual Moisture

With a low-pressure misting motor, you may feel a bit of residual moisture because the droplets are not as fine as those in high pressure units. This may leave your patio, outdoor furniture, and even your guests feeling wet the instant evaporation of the Mist Air Cooling System does not drip, but produces a fine mist that will cool the immediate area by 20 to 30 degrees. 

See the video clip on the Mist Air website produced by Channel 12 news that verifies the coolness of our system.

Excellent Value

Our equipment includes the Ice Cube – the most efficient motor/pump available, stainless steel pipes that will not rust like copper or break like plastic, and ceramic nozzles that provide an even water plume for consistent cooling.  This system is top of the line and may cost more than the DIY (do it yourself) kits, or others.  But, we provide a life-time warranty on the lines and a 6-year warranty on the motor.

Mist Air outdoor cooling systems are used by homeowners, industrial complexes, shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, barns and kennels, hotels, golf clubs, and other businesses. We were the first to introduce misting to Arizona and the Southwest, and we continue to be the leader in this industry.  So find out what we offer