How Can Air Misting Systems Save You from Arizona’s Dry Summer Heat?

In June 2017, residents of Arizona faced a heat wave that brought temperatures of 116 degrees and higher for several days.  While this intense summer heat would come as a shock to people from outside of the Southwest region, we natives know that the summer heat is a normal part of living in the [...]

Reasons to Invest in a High-Pressure Misting System

In June 2016, scalding heat killed at least four people in Arizona and was stoking at least five major wildfires. (NBC News, June 19, 2016). When temperatures soar into the triple digits, excessive heat warnings are widespread.  With global warming experts telling us that Arizona’s summers will be hotter than before, air conditioning units [...]

Commercial Misting Systems: Fight the AZ Heat & Slump

In summer, Arizona residents face extremely hot conditions which prohibit them from going outdoors, staying in Phoenix and enjoying their pool. Fortunately, a high pressure misting system has been created to provide safe and comfortable outdoor environments.  Golf courses, Parks, Museums, Bars, Restaurants and Outdoor shopping areas are now able attract Phoenix residents since they [...]