Commercial Misting Systems: Fight the AZ Heat & Slump

In summer, Arizona residents face extremely hot conditions which prohibit them from going outdoors, staying in Phoenix and enjoying their pool. Fortunately, a high pressure misting system has been created to provide safe and comfortable outdoor environments.  Golf courses, Parks, Museums, Bars, Restaurants and Outdoor shopping areas are now able attract Phoenix residents since they can keep people cooler and more comfortable by installing misting systems . This allows both visitors and residents to appreciate Arizona’s best establishments without facing the unpleasant desert dry heat.

Commercial Misting Systems Help  Fight the Heat & Generate Revenue:

 Misting-Cooling-Systems-by-MistAir-ArizonaMist Air is a well-respected installer and provider of outdoor cooling systems that serves commercial areas in Central Arizona. We specialize in large-scale projects that are fine-tuned to your preferences.

If you are familiar with the summer months in the Southwest region, you likely understand that enjoying the outdoors is usually not an option when the thermostat surges beyond 100 degrees. Mist Air was the first to introduce outdoor cooling systems to public areas. These systems use a high pressure pump, known as the Ice Cube, to pressurize and disperse water through ceramic nozzles to cool the surrounding area. Temperatures can then drop by 20 to 30 degrees near the misters.

Many people confuse misters with sprinklers, but the technology is different. Instead of simply spraying water like a medium-pressure sprinkler, our high pressure misting system compresses water into ultra-fine particles that evaporate soon after making contact with the air. This evaporation removes energy from the air, and the temperature decreases. The final result is a comfortable environment that is cool and slightly humid. This is a welcome change to many people who regularly battle the uncomfortable desert dry heat of Central Arizona.

With high pressure misting systems, outdoor enjoyment becomes a possibility during the summer months. Several types of areas use misting systems such as: outdoor dining areas, public parks, sporting facilities, swimming pools, and gardens can all use a misting system to convert an intolerable hot space into a relaxing oasis. Some of our commercial clients also find that a patio misting system is a cost-effective way to serve customers without expanding indoor dining areas or upgrading air conditioning units.

To create a custom misting system that serves your needs, we use stainless steel mist lines, corrosion-resistant nozzles, and state-of-the-art industrial-grade water pressurizing technology.

Mistair Systems Are Used Valleywide: Our clients are satisfied that Mist Air’s commercial systems create cool and relaxing environments without the wetness of cheaper misters. For example, Arizona Biltmore Pool and Spa, the Hyatt, the Hilton, and the Sheridan hotels, and Harkins Movie Theaters have enlisted our services to install our proprietary, industrial grade patio and pool misting systems for their outdoor areas. Even on the hottest days of the summer, the outdoor patios of the AZ Biltmore and the waiting areas outside the theaters are at least 30 degrees cooler than surrounding areas, which makes it much easier to attract and keep customers spending money and time at their establishments

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