How Can Air Misting Systems Save You from Arizona’s Dry Summer Heat?

In June 2017, residents of Arizona faced a heat wave that brought temperatures of 116 degrees and higher for several days.  While this intense summer heat would come as a shock to people from outside of the Southwest region, we natives know that the summer heat is a normal part of living in the desert.

From March through October, these sweltering climate conditions require locals to take precautions.  Everyone walks around with a water bottle – attached to their belt, their bicycle, their briefcase/purse, or in their car.  Many residents simply go from home, to work or school, and back again using air conditioning to stay cool.

However, businesses and government facilities across the state must stay open.  The Arizona economy has been growing for many years, but that is because businesses understand how to service customers even during the hot months.  Most restaurants have outdoor misting systems, so their patrons can sit outside and the temperature is reduced by 20 to 30 degrees. 

Plus, high pressure patio misting systems help supply humidity when the moisture level of Arizona’s dry air is below the required level for respiration – 40% is normal for humans, but Arizona averages around 14%. PSI-Mist Air is a 50+ year old Arizona company that understands the dry, dusty, and hot Arizona environment.  Our tag line is Water @ Work. We were the first company in our state to introduce misting, and we continue to be the industry leader.

With high pressure patio misting systems, outdoor enjoyment in Arizona becomes a possibility during the summer months.  Misting can be installed for residences, businesses, schools, sporting events, hospitals/nursing centers, grocery stores, warehouses, hotels, and government facilities.


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Every installed misting system is custom-designed to serve the customer needs.  We use stainless-steel pipes which don’t corrode like cooper or crack/break like plastic lines.  We manufacture our own custom-designed industrial-strength pump/motor called the Ice Cube. Therefore, we can adjust the water pressure for the length of each pipe.  We use ceramic nozzles which do not drip or wet the surrounding areas.

We have a long list of satisfied commercial customers which includes the Hilton, the Hyatt, and the Sheridan hotels, all the local movie theaters, most of the local golf club restaurants, and others including the Cracker Barrell, the Pedal Haus Brewery, Dunkin Donuts, Oregano’s, and others.  Even on the hottest days of the summer, the outdoor patios and pool areas of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and Shopping Mall are inviting and comfortable for all their guests.