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Livestock & Pet Misting Cooling Systems

Arizona Weather Affects Our Farms: Arizona weather presents special needs for our pets and livestock at our local farms, and therefore requires vigilant attention and action.  Normal protection includes indoor housing – whether it’s a horse barn or in the home for dogs and cats, but they must have adequate humidity (misting), clean cool drinking water, and regular washing and brushing.

Dog Kennel Misting

Horses & Livestock Need Protection

“Summer is the time to get your horse in peak condition; take some extra long rides and enjoy the rays. But as temperatures rise, so do the risks of your horse experiencing heat stroke, dehydration and other health problems associated with heat. If not recognized and treated properly, these health issues can be debilitating and even life threatening. Managing your horse’s summer training program and adjusting it to fit the weather is imperative.” (

“Horses and humans have something in common—both rely on sweating as the primary means of internal temperature control, or thermoregulation. In fact, it can Animal-Cooling-Systems-by-MistAirAZbe said that the horse’s physiology in some ways resembles a radiator, designed to circulate fluids and dissipate heat. Tiny glands beneath the skin produce beads of sweat, which evaporate soon after they come into contact with the air, cooling the surface of the skin. Those bulging veins and delicate capillaries on the neck and shoulders of a hard-working horse are taking advantage of the evaporative process to cool the blood by routing it near the surface of the skin. As the blood is cooled and recirculated, it helps regulate core body temperatures. The dilated nostrils that bring in huge volumes of oxygen to the lungs also exhale body heat with every breath. Under normal circumstances, these natural adaptations are sufficient to keep a horse’s body temperature within safe parameters. But when horses are asked to exert themselves in conditions of high heat, the potential for heat-induced illness is very real.” (IBID)

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    Horse Stall & Barn Misting System – Keep your Livestock Cool


    ”As temperatures have soared, it hasn’t been only humans who have had to cope; our horses, who are better adapted for cool climates than scorching ones, have also been challenged.  Despite their ability to sweat – a relative rarity among animals other than humans – horses still have difficulty cooling themselves when temperatures become extreme. Because of their large size, their body heat tends to accumulate faster than they can get rid of the excess. Especially in conditions of high humidity, when sweat no longer evaporates to cool the skin, horses are prone to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be extremely dangerous.  Few of us have the luxury of an air-conditioned barn, so how can we best offer some relief to our horses when the mercury skyrockets?” (Written by Karen Briggs, 8/20-/2012, “Keeping Cool with Barn Misters).


    horse stall misting system-and-Cooling

    • Exercising only in the cooler temperatures of early morning or late evening.
    • Turning horses out at night and giving them shelter from the sun in the barn during the day.
    • Ensuring there is always access to clean, cool water (keep in mind that outdoor troughs will heat up quickly out in the sun, so it’s smart to change the water daily during the summer).
    • Bathing with cool water (be sure to scrape the water off the coat promptly for maximum cooling).
    • Making sure horses have access to good ventilation and shade.
    • Using ceiling or box fans to help keep air circulating.

    But when all this is not enough, you might want to consider the cooling properties of a barn misting system . . .  (Ibid)  MistAir has been installing high pressure misting systems in barns throughout the Southwest for more than 20 years.  Each barn is different, so Call Us For An Estimate.

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