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Restaurant Patio Misting Systems

“During the summer months when the sun begins to make its presence known (in Arizona), restaurants don’t expect to capitalize on the sun’s less appealing attributes. But what if you could add $540,000 to your annual sales just by creating an environment that speaks solace, comfort and a time out from the busy pace of life? Consider two different restaurants during a summer scorcher trying to get through their lunch rush. One smartly equipped with a restaurant misting system, the other with a beautiful patio that stands empty.” (A Case Study Involving a Restaurant Misting System, a Patio, and A Hot Summer Day, 18 April 2013, by Bryan Roe).

Reasons for Restaurant Misting

  • Customer dining experience is pleasant. Customers stay longer – drink and eat more.
  • An industrial grade Misting system can reduce the immediate temperatures by 20 to 30 degrees. So while it is 100 degrees outside, your patio can be 80 degrees or less depending on the high pressure misting system purchased. Customers are more comfortable and you can use your patio for months longer.
  • A misting system on your patio will dramatically reduce dust, pollen, insects, odors, and other air borne contaminates.
  • Central and Southern Arizona has a humidity that is less than 14%, while normal humidity for humans should be 40% or above. Your patio dining experience actually provides a healthier space than indoors.

Questions To Consider For A Restaurant Patio Misting System

  • How large is your coverage area?
  • Where is your water source located?
  • What AC Power is available and is it 110 or 220 volts?
  • Where will the pump and the motor be located?
  • Where will your customers be in relationship to the misters?
  • What is the height of your canopy or patio cover?
  • Do you have a wood canopy?
  • What is the wind direction and the orientation of the sun?
  • What is the location of your windows or doors?
  • What are the number of hours per day that the misters will be operational?
  • Is there a warranty offered?

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    PSI-MistAir is a third-generation family-owned and operated company serving Arizona and the Southwest for more than fifty (50) years. We are the oldest and most experienced misting company in the valley with thousands of satisfied customers such as: Safeway, Bashas, Red Robin, Cracker Barrel, Dunkin Donuts, Harkin Theaters, retail stores such as the Banana Republic, many nursing homes and senior care centers, shopping malls, restaurant patios and numerous hotels including the Sheraton in Scottsdale, schools, government facilities, many golf club/courses, and other commercial businesses which are needing cooler or moister air.

    There is always a temptation to purchase misting that uses rubber hoses or copper pipes.  These pipes become corroded and rubber hoses can easily wear-out, crack, and break.  MistAir uses only stainless steel pipes and ceramic nozzles, and therefore we guarantee our mist lines for the life of the work.