Why Arizona Restaurants Need Misting

Arizona is a unique state with unusual climate conditions. In the summers, we have Haboob storms that bring dust, dirt, and a soil-dwelling desert fungus that causes Valley Fever – a very serious respiratory illness. To combat this dry, dusty, and unhealthy desert environment and to improve the air we breathe, Pressure Systems – MistAir [...]

3 Excellent Benefits of Using Misting Systems for Your Livestock

We all love Arizona – don’t we?  Why else would we live here! This amazing state has provided each of us with the beauty of desert nature and life-long memories.  However, our appreciation of Arizona’s climate ceases when we remanence about our hot, dry summers and our extreme high temperatures. In order to live [...]

Commercial Misting Systems: Fight the AZ Heat & Slump

In summer, Arizona residents face extremely hot conditions which prohibit them from going outdoors, staying in Phoenix and enjoying their pool. Fortunately, a high pressure misting system has been created to provide safe and comfortable outdoor environments.  Golf courses, Parks, Museums, Bars, Restaurants and Outdoor shopping areas are now able attract Phoenix residents since they [...]